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Day 11: Festive Scratch Programming

In Programming Club the pupils have been writing code to make some festive animations and games.

Here is a small selection of the sorts of programs they have been making.


Created by Finley in Beech Class, Year 6 using Scratch.

Here is some of the code Finley has used in his Scratch project.


Hamish has been busy building an interactive game using Scratch. Hamish has written his program to include variables which has allowed him to introduce a scoring system.







In Finley's animation, how many baubles are hanging from the Christmas Tree?

In Hamish's game, what was the highest score at the point the film stopped?

Post your answers here...





I think  there  are 15 baubles! The video  was good. Thank you x


15 ball balls on Finley's 

Sooooo cool I love the game and the video

Well done to Finley and Hamish, look out Playstation and Xbox, the future gamemakers are here!

There are 15 baubles and the score was 1135...we think.

Happy Christmas to all

well done year 6 welikedit

 there is 15 buables on the tree. 

Ther is 15 ball balls on the christmas tree

We were very accurate at counting baubles but we weren't as observant with the scores!!

15 bulbuls on the tree.

Well done Finley and Hamish, really impressive programming with a lovely festive theme 

I  think  the   score  is  1133