Day 15: Chess Club

Children in Chess Club have been creative with the chess pieces and created a Nativity scene!


How many pawns do you think we used to create our Nativity scene? Post your answers here...


We'll I can't play chest,but Ido know LOTS! About 13 somewhere there (not that good at estimating).


I think 4 where yosd

Hi I love god and my family love's god to

very good work on d.t in ches club  we loved it

Hi everyone in chess club,

I (Mia) think that you have used 14 pawns in your Nativity scene.

I (Jaina) think that you have used 13 pawns in your Nativity scene.

Mia & Jaina


Are there 12 PAWNS!!!!!!!!

Well Done! (Olivia Xx!!!!!!!!)

I love your nativity scene very well done!

love Evie    xxx