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Day 18: Elm Class Singing


1) Which song have Elm Class changed to make this song? 
2) Half the children started singing and the other half sang later. What is this called?
3) Can you change the words of a song you know to make it Christmasy? 

Post your answers here...


I like the sining because the was sining Santa songs.

I like your singing.

londons burning

and its called a round

well done to elm class

i think that the song you changed was Londons burning

Lauren in beech xx

Hi Elm class, I love your singing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What lovely singing! We think the song was London's Burning and it was sung 'in the round'.

Well done.

Hi! Elm Class what AMAZING song.OH! and your FABULOUS singing VOICES!!!!!!!!!

Olivia.M xxx

.P.S. Friends with Emliy & Jodie!!!

Good job Elm class very enjoyed


Evie xxxxxxxxxx

Lovely singing Elm class x

You have changed the song London is burning .lovley singing!

Beautiful 'signing a round' and great adaptation of London Burning song xx