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Day 25: Staff Performance to the children

The day has finally arrived!  Happy Christmas everyone!

We think that our children are truly amazing and they have worked so hard all term, particularly with their own Christmas Performances, so we felt as a staff that we wanted to do something for them. Here is our gift to the children.

Our thanks to Tom Jenkins for recording and editing the video.






Which teacher performed a cartwheel on stage during our performance?

What did you enjoy the most about our performance?


Post your thoughts and feedback here!


Just in passing, here are links to the Ivy Chimneys Christmas Productions... (in case you were wondering!)

Foundation: Let It Snow
Year 1 & 2: Christmas Around The World
Year 3 & 4: Singing Carols
Year 5 & 6: The Late Wise Man





Wow! Well done to all the staff at Ivy Chimneys it was very entertaining. Wishing all the students and staff of Ivy Chimneys a wonderful and safe Christmas. It's been an amazing experience working alongside you all with both our calendars. I look forward to more projects in 2014. 

I really enjoyed this, a super Christmas present for the last day of term.  We have the best teachers ever! Merry Christmas to everyone

Fantastic! well done everyone and a very Merry Christmas to all at Ivy Chimneys x

Brilliant. .. x

Thank you for making Nancy and Georges first term so eventful and enjoyable Merry Xmas to everyone xxxxx


Just shows how great this school is.

Hi, me and my famliy just loved that PERFORMANCE!!!!!

Mr Jonhs did a cartweel!!!!!!!!

YES I DID LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Olivia x

Wow it is so good and funny                                                                                                                                                                                                       p.s well done all of the staff and teacher's