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Day 5: How to Make a Christmas Decoration


Birch Class have been learning how to make Christmas decorations. Here are the steps for making your own.



The children of Birch Class have worked together to make these decorations. Mr Furness is particularly delighted with the decoration for his office. Thank you Sawyer, Bay and Ronnie!



How many Christmas decorations have been made by the children in Birch Class? Post your answer here...

Do you think you can make a Christmas decoration by following the steps above? Have a go!



Hi my name is hanan and am grad 1 in p1a. I   Like  your chrismes decorations 

Wow fantastic Birch Class! I'm very impressed! Maybe Devon can make some to decorate our house over the weekend?

We loved your decorations, they looked very pretty and we are going to try making some ourselves.  


Lovely decorations birch class! i would like to make one!

Well done Birch class they look fantastic! 


We think you made 8 decorations! We like them and will have a go ourselves!

Thanks from Plane Class

You made 8 decorations altogether. We loved your decorations and we are going to make some ourselves.


Well done Birch what great decorations.

We can have a go at home.

Hi! Birch Class,

I love your christmas decorations

                                                they look AMAZING!!!!!!!!

                                                               Olivia xxx 





I love this! I am going to do this with my class on Monday. Thanks for the great ideas! I will be sure to open each window each day with my class too -- they will love it! 

Thank you Birch class for the clear instructions! Devon and Beau made a lovely decoration at home! 

Well done Birch what great decorations.

We can have a go at home.

lovely work birch class we have made them are selfs thea and jaina

Hi Birch Class,

we love your stars.

this monday we are going to make this stars as well.

thank you for teaching us :-)

we'll send you a picture!

love from groep 1-2c!!!

WOW!!!!!!!!! did you make a paper snow! it was so fantastic that i just make how to draw a deer

Loving seeing all of your smiling faces :) and wonderful decorations!  I'm here in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada watching the REAL snow come down and it is very cold here today.


wishing all of you and your families a Very Happy Christmas (and hope Santa is good to you all!)


Margaret McKee

I lik  it

Thanks for the great idea for decorations. We had fun making them in our class today for our Christmas party this afternoon!