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Day 7: The Twelve Days of Christmas


In the original version of the song, what were there five of? 

How many gifts in total were there? 

Post your answers here! 


Well done Walnut!

five gold rings x

What was That song of Christmas? I liked it. 

From Armaan P1A


5 Gold Rings. 78 Gifts in total.

Brilliant singing Walnut-ters and a great song, well done to you all. Now, Mrs. McKenzie, get on with marking all those books!

I really love it.we make that to guys it was really good like you

I fell so sorry for your teacher that she has to marck all the books

Lovely Walnut!! Happy Christmas to you all! Anna's mum x

There  are  5 gold rings

I loved making the video and it was so fun 

ps there are 5 golden rings