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Day 9: A Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle

Willow Class have created a jigsaw puzzle using 


How quickly can you complete the puzzle? Our best time is 1 minute 1 second! 

Can you spot what Christmas character we used to decorate our letters? 

Post you answers here! 


hi willow class my our name is hanan and rose we like dowing your jigsaw puzzle bey bey got to go.

hi willow class our name is hanan and rose we like dowing your jigsaw puzzle bey bey got to go.

yay i completed it in 1:45 how about evryone else?

Wow! Willow class how clever! I had a lot of fun completing your jigsaw puzzle. I completed it in 46 seconds! 

Catherine Leahy

Melbourne, Australia

Merry chrismas to willow

49 secs!!! lol


Hi Willow Class,

your jigsaw puzzle is ... AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Olivia x

P.S I'm from Plane Class!!!!!!!!

47 seconds!


Well done to all in Willow class, such fun as Miranda would say!

I enjoyed playing the puzzle it's very creative 



That was hard but I did it you.guys are cool there and I get to see you guys

The jigsaw puzzle  is veay hard

I thought the jigsaw puzzle was really hard but it was toattaly

EASY!!! And I just finished it in 1:51 and I also like your puzzle too 


long P1A









Hi my name is Esther I like your jigsaw puzzle!

i said the puzzle was hard and i like the picture and i like your class
From Alai p1a.

Wow, that's fantastic Willow class, Mr. Jones did it in 38 seconds, on his Birthday!


Happy Christmas to you all.

38 seconds!!  

That  was a very Good puzzle Because it was creative.

i got 44 secs!

A very imaginative jigsaw puzzle.Well done.

It was realy fun willow class  my time was  1 minute and 28 seconds

I done it in 1 minute 21seconds