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Welcome to our guestbook which invites people from around the World to drop by and leave comments for our staff and children to read.


Hi Ivy Chimneys!

Wow! What a great Advent Calendar. My name is Catherine and I'm friends with your head teacher Mr Furness. He has helped me make an Advent Calendar for my school too. My school is called Dinjerra and it is all the way on the otherside of the world in Australia. I can't wait to show your calendar to my class every morning and comment on your fabulous work. 

I look forward to opening each window everyday to see what magic you have produced. Hopefully we can create something together! 


Catherine Leahy

P.S You can find our Australian Advent Calendar here.

Congratulations on a wonderful advent calendar!

Merry Christmas from the sunny Kurdistan Region of North Iraq!

love, Sarah

hi sarah you are very kind and my name is hanan.

Hello from,

London, Ontario



Hello children of Ivy Chimneys. I love your advent calendar and today's poem was excellent. I will look forward to visiting your site each day from all the way in Texas ( where disappointingly, they don't have advent calendars!)

Api Krismas from Madang, Papua New Guinea where I send stories by text message to elementary school teachers in the bush - the remote areas of PNG. The schools here will soon be finishing for the long summer break as we are the other side of the world and in the Southern Hemisphere. You might need to have a geography lesson! Here the children speak over 800 different languages but the official language is English. Tok Pisin is also spoken by many children and is a variation of Pidgin English. Well done on the Calendar! Thanks for sharing . . .

Hello, I used to teach at Ivy Chimneys and left in 2002 to move to Germany. I have just moved back to England. Have a lovely Christmas! 

 Wow love your puzzle game I made it in 3minutes and 52 seconds. 

Hanna P1A

G'day students of Ivy Chimneys,

Your advent calendar is amazing! My students here in Australia have loved looking at the past two days. We will continue looking everyday to see what amazing things everyone has been up to.

Newcastle, Australia

Wonderful calendar - well done to you all at Ivy Chimneys Primary School! X

Hello children of Ivy Chinmeys.

We are the Dutch friends of Birch Class.

We love your Advent Calender.

thanks for this idea!

bye bye,

groep 1-2c van de Familieschool in the Netherlands

Brilliant! Well done all of you guys at Ivy Chimneys. You've produced the best advent calendar I've ever seen - and it made me laugh. Great fun. Thanks very much from Fareham in Hampshire.  

Seasons Greetings everyone.  I usually live in Australia but this year I am living in Bengbu, Anhui, China - teaching English.  I will be here for Christmas. The Chinese don't celebrate Christmas like we do so it will be very different for me this year. Wishing you all a happy Christmas.





Merry Christmas from Melbourne, Australia. It's summer here! Christmas in the sunshine will

never be the same as Christmas in the UK. You can't see the christmas

lights until it gets dark about 9.30pm!! Merry Christmas everyone. 

Seasons Grettings to all at Ivy Chimneys Primary School.

While you hope for snow this Christmas I am preparing for my family to celebrate the day around the swimming pool. Can you imagine that?  Here in New Zealand it will be very hot and a favourite gift is always a water gun. There will be lots of fun and laughter as we chase one another in a big water fight after we have our Christmas Dinner.

Part of my family are Maori and included in our meal will be something from the land, something from the sea and something from the sky. This is to honour the Gods from Maori Folklore. Sometimes we have a Hangi which is where food is cooked on volcanic rock in the ground.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. xxx

Hi kids,

I m Tine or Tina or Tena however you English like to pronounce it. I live in Belgium and it is a typically Belgian name, although most of the other Tines are written Tinne...

Anyway, it has been a while that I have been to school and I don't remember us having such cool advent tools. But Christmas is very big in Belgium too, so I m sure a lot of kids over here would be jealous.

I read that there are people from all over the world posting on your guestbook? It reminds me of the following. When we celebrate Christmas it is often freezing cold and even snowing. When I lived in Sweden it was even -15°C! But, at the other side of the globe it is summer then. So people celebrate on the beach and in bikinis :)

Merry Christmas to you all!

Or " Vrolijk kerstfeest " as we say in Dutch/Flemish in the north of Belgium

And "Joyeux Noël " for the French-speaking part in the south of my country

And " Fröhliche Weihnachten " for the German speaking region close to the border with Germany.



Hi ! I'm in Melbourne, Australia and I met your teacher Jen Williams when we were in Africa.

Happy Christamas!

Hello from very sunny New Zealand! I am in Christchurch which you may know has been hit by some big (and thousands of little) earthquakes over the last three years. Our city is still looking very sorry for itself. Many buildings have been pulled down now as they are unsafe and there are big empty spaces everywhere in the city. BUT on the positive side there is a beautiful, temporary new cardboard cathedral, and a wacky shopping mall made entirely from containers. Everywhere are signs of new growth and strength in the people and 2014 will be an even more awesome year as Christchurch continues the journey to recovery.  I wish you all a very happy New Year!

Hi everyone in ash class, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We both loved your christmas jokes  and thought that they were really really funny .

Mia & Maisie!  


Hi everyone in ash class, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We both loved your christmas jokes  and thought that they were really really funny .

Mia & Maisie!  


Hello Ivy Chimneys


Greetings from Cornwall. I really enjoyed Beech class running around for a Merry Christmas. Have a very Happy Christmas.

Colin & Margaret

Hi your dancing was funny and you guys sing a song it was cool there.we can tray that to

Hello   It's.       Alisha.    I.           Love   Your.          Advert.                  Calendar.                 I.                      Cut.           Wait.      To.    Open.    All

THE.                  DOORS,

from Alisua

prep Dinjerra, Australia

hi alisua it my hanan you nice writing bey I have to go

Hi.  I   Love your      Calendar   Because  it   Is   Fun,



prep Dinjerra Australia

I like  to visit your calendar the end 


michael, P1A Dinjerra, Melbourne Australia

I really like you,r advent calendar as well because it is the same as us. How did you do the dans?

from KTelyn P1A Dinjerra PS Melbourne Australia 


Great actions Rowan class, we thought that your singing was fantastic. 


Lisa and Nicholas would like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year xx

We have just watched Walnut Class' advent calendar contribution, Hilarious!!!

Hi alisua I like your storytelling because it was lovely! By Esther p1a


I really like your video it is fantastic. I like it so much!

I  love   Your advent calendar  I   Can't     Wait to look   At   it everyday    From   Ariam   P1A

i like to go on your  calendar from michawl p1a do you like our aduent ca lendar ilike to go on the computer to go to to your calendar p1a michawel \




Hi um katelyn I love your game

I love your advent calendar. Elf yourself was very funny  it  made  my teacher make one of her own with us. 

Ariam, P1A

We loved singing that song.Its the season to be jollyHO HO HO ?

Dear Ivy Chimneys

Wow wow wow what an interesting advent calender you have created so far! There are some great singers at your school. It is making me feel very festive.

I am currently travelling around India where there are very few advent calendars or Christmas decorations. I look forward to opening the new door each day. I will continue to follow your work and look forward to visiting your school at the end of term.

Merry Christmas,

Alice Childs

Hi Ivy Chimney school

Christmas in Whitianga is pretty cool, it is summer as well at Christmas so you can have Christmas at the beach .

It is very warm up in the North Island but in some places it is snowing (like the U.K).

What is it like at Christmas time in the U.K? I would think it is very cold over there.

I love the advent calender you guys have made.

Aunty Sonjia would like to say a very merry Christmas to Xander xx

I hope you guys have a good Christmas at Ivy Chimney Primaray School.

from Izzy Lunn



hi my name is esther my favourite thing to do is reward time and i like to learn on ipads.



Hello Ivy Chimneys

I used to work with Mr Furness before he became Headteacher at your school!  Well done on all your hard work for the Advent Calendar, you should all be very proud of yourselves! I am looking forward to seeing more of your work as we go through December. I hope you all have a lovely Christmas!

I really like your Santa video it was fantastic and we have a video as we'll 

Hi! everyone,

it's me Olivia I loved your advert calander !!!!!!!!!!

Most of all I liked willow class puzzle & Elf yourself from plane class!!!!!!!!

Olivia.M xxx

P.S I'm from plane class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi Ivy Chimneys, 

I just wanted to say hello and that I really like your online advent calendar. My favourite day is day 10 when you sing Jingle Bells as its one of my favourite Christmas songs. 

I live in London, but I am a professional racing driver so I get to travel around the world with my job, racing a really fast car.

In the past year I have travelled to America, Germany, France, Belgium, Portugal, China, Brazil, Argentina, Italy and Spain. Can you find the countries on a map of the world, and do you know which country is the furthest from my house in London. Can you guess? 

I look forward to opening a new door on your advent calendar in the countdown to Christmas, and I hope you all have a great last week of term. 



Hi Richard Westbrook,

We have just been on your website and we both loved the cars that you have been in.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Mia and Ruby. I am in Florida at the moment testing my new car for next year, it's really sunny here. 

Happy Christmas.

Hi Richard!!!

I think the furthest countries are Brazil,Argentina,China and America!!!!!!!

Olivia x

.P.S. MERRY CHRISTMAS RICHARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Hi Olivia. You are right. China and Argentina are the furthest away. 

Merry Christmas to you too. 

Hi everbody! 

Loved all of your snowflakes.  We have real ones on the ground at the moment and it is very cold here!

Merry Christmas!  Hope Santa is good to you all.

Margaret McKee

Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

Loving your calender, keep up the good work.


Sarah. H

What a wonderful Christmas calendar!  I'm looking forward to checking each day to see "what's behind each box"!  It's delightful to see each and everyone of you.

My name is Lesley.  I live in Nassau, The Bahamas.  The Bahamas is a group of 700 islands just off the coast of Florida, where the temperature is a balmy 80 to 90 degrees year round.  The ocean surrounding the islands is noted for it's exception colour - turquoise, which is a result of the shallowness of the water and the sun reflecting on it.

I'm originally from Birmingham and a few years ago had the opportunity to not only visit the places where I lived as a small child, but also to meet the family of my Mom's very best friend --- the Heath family, whose grandchildren are Ivy Chimneys!!!   What a small and wonderful world we live in.

I'd like to wish all Ivy Chimneys and their families a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!   Happy Christmas and much love to the Heath family, their children and their grand children.....

Your calendar is so well done!  I'm so proud of each and every one of you and am looking forward to opening the next box.....WELL DONE!!!

Merry Christmas  ---- Lesley  :-)

Merry Christmas & Happy New year from Turkey. Loved your advent calendar and being able to see our Grandaughter who appears on the 16th .MAGIC x

<p>I am just a very proud Nanny (from Broadstairs) of one of the Reindeers. This is wonderful!! &nbsp;They did not do anything like this when I was at Mossford Green Primary in Barkingside!&nbsp;</p>