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Day 1: Christmassy Minecraft Creations

Code Club have been creating Christmassy objects using Minecraft on a Raspberry Pi.






Q1. How many presents can you find in the photographs above?

Post your answers here... (first three correct answers wins a prize!!)


2. Can you build some of your own Christmassy objects in Minecraft?

Send a photograph of your work to


Code Club would love to read your comments, please post them here


Wow Code Club, these look amazing!! I am living with a Thai family who have a son called Coach, he loves playing Minecraft too. I will share these with him, he will be super impressed. Merry Christmas to you all! 

I have found 6 Christmas presents.

there are 6 presents!!!! i think


Love these!!! I think there are six presents. Well done!!!!

6 pressies.

Love the advent calendar, such a great idea and fun. Like it that everyone is involved. 

Happy 1st December and counting down xx


We counted 6 all together! Well done code club! cool

We think there are 6 presents. cheeky

They look great. I counted 6 Christmas Presents.

6 presents!


I found six presents! And I am looking at your Advent calendar in Newcastle upon Tyne 

Well done code club, it was 435 presents we think, but we might have missed one....

Beech Class

it is good


We found 5 presents.




hi guys your worlds are so cool