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Day 2: French Club Singing Joyeux Noel!

French Club perform 'Joyeux Noel'


Q1. What does Joyeux Noel mean in English?

Bonus question for KS2 children.

Q2. Can you translate these French 'Christmas' words into English?

a. renne
b. arbre de Noël
c. père noël
d. ange

You might need the help of Google Translate.

Post your answers to questions 1 & 2 here.

(The first three children to correctly answer both questions will win a prize!)


I think it is Reindeer, Happy Christmas, Father Christmas and Angel!



Sorry, my silly mummy read the question wrong!

Joyeux Noel means Happy Christmas!

1. Merry Christmas

2. Reindeer

Christmas Tree

Father Christmas


Mia R 



It means Merry Christmas 

A is reindeer, B is  Christmas Tree, C is Father Christmas  D is Angel.


It means Merry Christmas 

A is reindeer, B is Christmas tree, C is Father Christmas, D is angel


Love the video!

Answer to q1 is "happy Christmas" 

Answers to q2 a. Reindeer b. Christmas tree c. Father Christmas d. Angel





We like your calendar very much.  We live in Portland, Dorset and are at IPACA, Osprey Quay.

Question 1 is happy christmas

Question 2 is reindeer, chrsitmas tree, father christmas and angel






Happy Christmas


christmas tree

Father Christmas


well done French club!

1. Merry Christmas


a) reindeer

b) Christmas tree

c) Father Christmas

d) angel

A combined effort by Walnut class.... do we get a prize?

a. reindeer
b . Christmas tree
c . Father Christmas
d. angel


Happy Christmas... or Joyeux Noel from Beech Class

Father, angle , happy Christmas and rain deer 


1)raindeer, 2)happy Christmas , 3)father and 4)angle 


1)raindeer, 2)happy Christmas , 3) Christmas father and 4)angle 

Merry Christmas!


Joyeux Noel means Happy Christmas!
We have been speaking to Miss Laing about how to say hello in French.

C'etait tres bien!

Au revoir, Ash Class