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Day 3: Merry Christmas from Tennis Club


Q1. How many children are in this video? 

Q1. Which two brothers have just won the Davis Cup for the British team?

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Well done tennis club! 


Andy Murry

Jamie Murry

happy christmas 



Andy and Jamie Murray       Great like it

Happy Christmas Tennis Club, I think 17 children...


I counted 17 children in the video and I believe Andy and Jamie Murray won the Davis cup.coolcheeky Well done Tennis club! I like it

we think there are 17 children

Andy and Jamie Murray won the david cup! laugh

Andy Murray Jamie Murray 

I counted 17! Also there are 17 children.smileysmileysmiley

Andy and Jamie Murray won the Davis cup!!!!!smiley

(I know I am not in ks1) but there are seventeen children in that video!!!!!!!cool

Also that video is very cool!!!!!!yes


Well done tennis club!

Larch class think there are 15 children.

there are 16 tennis players


andy murray