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Day 4: Spot the Difference

Beech Class challenge you to 'Spot the Difference'

How many differences can you find?



Can you find the difference between these two photographs?


KS1 Question

Q1. How many differences are there? Can you describe some of them?


KS2 Question

Q1. Can you list all the differences between the two photographs?


Post your answers here...




I think that there is 11 differences.

Some children missing some have hats some pulling faces

26 - everyone has either added an item, changed their expression, hair or body position.


There are 26 differences because each person had different things on.

27 in one and 26 in the uther one

Rasia is facing backwords

Urther,Fin and tom are whering animal masks

Jack is whering something around his head

Jerry has his thumbs up

Sophia has a scar in one

Tilly has a book on here hed

the black thing next to Jack isnt there in the second picture

Rocco is whering a hat and so is Annabelle

Emma has a scarf on. Tom has a goat mask on. Scarlett has a face on a whiteboard. Rocco has an elf hat. Mia has a bow. Arthur had a horse mask. Sophia has a Harry Potter outfit. Razia is facing the wrong way. Tilly has a book on her head. Lola- ears. Jack- Rocky bandana. James facing down. Finn- hippo mask. Jaina - sideways. Annabelle santa hat.



I dont really know any of the names of the people in this class.

In the bottom row there are 5 differences someone has drew a face on a whitebored,one person is wearing a hippopotamus mask,someone is holding a pen,someone making a funny face and someone with a blue thing on their head.

On the next row their are 5 differences:starting from the left side someone wearing a hat,someone with bunny ears,someone with a elf ears hat,some one looking sideway and someone putting a finger over their mouth.

Next row there are 6 differences:At the left side there is someone who took something they were wearing off,someone who put glasses on,someone has a pink tie on,someone holding something red,someone looking down and someone with a book on their head

Their are 7 differences on Last row:someone with a red thing on their head,someone looking backwards,another person with bunny ears,someone with a goat mask on,someone with a helmet,someone giving thumbs up and someone with a horse mask on

i think we done really good there is a diffrent for each member of beech

I think there are 28 differences.

I think there are 28 differences.