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Day 6: The Maple Memory Game!

Maple Class have produced a video of Christmas things. Watch the video and try to remember as many items as possible!



List 5 things you have seen in the video.


List 10 things you have seen in the video.



There is a separate prize for anyone who can list all the objects!


Post your answers here!



bell Christmas tree 

christmas tree 


elf hat 

santa claws



holly                                          reindeer ears            wine                  polar bear                             

santa, snowman, Rudolph/reindeer, wine, tinsel

a brain



Father Christmas

Christmas tree




Christmas tree, turkey hat, elf hat, Reindeer toy, little santa toy,little bell,tinsel,bottle of wine,little snowman toy and a skull

1tree,brain,elf hat,gingerbread man,santa

2tree.brain,elf hat.gingerbread man,santa,bell,lam,holly,tinsle,raindeer hat,turky hat

smiley well done that was hard

Challenge accepted!!

1. xmas tree

2. brain

3. reindeer. 

4. Elf hat

5. Santa

6. Bell

7. Elf ears

8. Skull

9. Tinsel

10. Holly

11. Antlers

AND WE'VE got more....

12. Gingerbread house

13. Turkey hat (where did you get this?!)

14. Christmas card

15. Bottle of wine

16. Snowman

17. Dancing children?

18. Lamb

1. Christmas tree

2. Santa

3. A church

4. Christmas party hats

5. Reindeer ears

6. Snowman

7. Pinecone

8. Bell

9. Bottle of wine (Miss Laing and Donna remembered that one aswell)

10. Christmas card



we saw:

christmas tree


rudolph bulid a bear

elf hat

mini santa toy

a pinecone decoration

ring for santa bell

skull candle


picture of holly

reindeer antlers

snow house

turkey singing hat