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Day 8: Elm's Christmas Song



Can you name the well-known tune that the children are singing along to?


very talented adult who works in our school wrote this song. Who do you think this might be? Have a guess.

Post your answers here!


Londons burning

Mr Furness

The answer is 'it is Christmas'. 

Well done Elm class fantastic singing! 


london`s burning

Miss Ives

london's burning

We think it is Miss Ives because she is in Elm class!!!

Miss Ives 

happy christmas 


London's Burning  Miss Ives

smiley London's burning

Lovely singing- we 'ahhhhhdddd'.

We think Miss Ives wrote it!



We think it was London's Burning! We loved your singing :)

This is a guess... Miss Ives... she strikes us as the talented lyricist!

If not.... Tina!

miss Ives and londens burning

I liked your singing

We think it is London's Burning. We thought it was very clever and very good.