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Day 1: Spot the Difference (Beech Class)

How many differences can you find between the two photographs?



Ch1 - List at least 10 differences.

Ch2 - Can you find all of the differences?

Post your answers here...


someone has a beard, someone is wearing a hat, someone has a ☃️ On their head, someone has a box on their head, someone has a goat mask on, someone has gloves, someone is holding a whiteboard, someone has taken their cardigan off, someone is wearing funny glasses, someone has their back to us.

That person is me!crying

Challenge 2: Can you spot all the differences?

Answer: Yes - but we had an advantage! Good luck everybody else...

PS. If anyone has seen Rocco, can you let us know? 

6 people have hats on, Daisy has reindeer ears, 2 beards, 1 funny glasses,  tommy facing backwards, 1 person with a white board, a goat face,  lidia has a book on her head, Emily has snowman gloves, Freya has tinsel on,  Ben has a snowman on his head, aleeshas reading a book, boy has those eye goggle interactive things!

I wasn't facing backwards, I had a beard on and elf ears!no

Rocco isn't in the picture, Daisy has antlers on, Ellie has a mask on, Lydia has a box ontop of her head, Amelia is wearing a bow on her head, Ben has a snowman on his head, Josh is wearing funny glasses and he is holding something, Kristopher has a whiteboard infront of his face, Aleesha is reading, Freya has a flower scarf on, Jessica and Liam are wearing hats, The Our wow wall is in the picture, Francis has the virtual reality headset on, Mason has his back to us, Emily is wearing snowman gloves, Josh has a Francis mask on, Louise has a elf hat on, Tommy has a beard on, Ryan and Rye have santa hats on, Carter has a santa beard on, Annie has her watch on the other hand and Philip is holding a snow globe.


Found all the differencesyes

Five people have hats, Mia has no glasses, Maisie has her ponytail on the other side, Annie has her watch on the other wirst, Florence is in her pe kit, some have books, Mason is facing the other way, Phillip has a snow globe, two people have beards on, Daisy has antlers, Frances has a virtual realiy headset, Josh has Frances face, Inara has her jumper on back to front, Amelia has a bow in her hair, Freya has tinsel around her neck, Kristopher has a board on his face, Ben has a snowman on his head, Josh is wearing glasses and Ellie is wearing a horse mask. 


Plus Rocco has disappeared!

What is challenge 3yes

My Kristopher has a black board infront of his face

The doodle is missing on the white board and Rocco is missing Ben has a snowman on his head carter has a white beard Phillips has a snow globe in his hands 


The first time I looked at Ronnie's brother I thought he was Actually Francis but then I looked again and saw Francis on the floor with a virtuality headset with a picture of Real Madrid the football team. LOL and ps: have a happy Christmas !!!!!!! 

it is hard to find them all


Carter is wearing a beard,daisy is wearing antlers,aleesha is holding a book,josh is holding a picture in front of his face,Jess is wearing a hat,rocko is not there,Emily is wearing gloves,Liam is wearing a hat