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Day 2: A Festive Jigsaw Puzzle

Can you solve this jigsaw puzzle? Which class is photographed?


CH1 - How many jigsaw pieces are needed to complete this puzzle?

CH2 - How long did it take to complete the puzzle?

Post your answers here....


Walnut class and it took 11 minutes.

it took me 11:43 min to finish this and its walnut class this activity was fun thanks for putting time to do it

6 minutes and 43 seconds


To easy I did it in 3 mutinies and 6 seconds

My time was two minutes and 13secs

The puzzle was so hard we couldn't to do the rest. sorrycrying. But I will tell you my time it was 14 minutes and 23 seconds.

great puzzle Walnut it took me 17mins and 09secs to complete your puzzle I like the idea of a puzzle

48 pieces. 11:45 minutes to complete but that was mummy and she's terrible at jigsaws!

We took 14 minutes and 13 seconds. It was quite hard, especially with our brother William near us.

42 pieces 

that is a lot 


Well done Walnut class! I did mine in 3:50


Too longsad

It took me 7 minutes 52 seconds to complete the puzzle this morning

15 minutes 31 seconds

nice puzzle and we took 10 minutes and 16 seconds 

One piece needed.  It would be great to get the picture.  It took forever, or seven minutes really

It's quite hard I tried it twice but on the last one I beet my score but anyway it's really fun


It took me 9:37 minutes to solve it!

yeswe did it in 8:05 mins dylan!


heartGreat puzzle Walnut class but so hard, it took me absolutely ages


It took me 9 minutes and 47 seconds 

It took 8 minutes and 6 seconds 


i did it in 8:05 with my sistercoolyessmiley

I don't know about you but it took me the last couple of dayssurprise. It took me 13:25 minutes.

1 min 23 seconds with my eyes closed...!

It took us 7 minutes and 28 seconds but Miss Laing did have to help quite a bit... 

10 minutes

11 minutes and 1 second

I tried it again but there wasn't enough peices my time was 27:24 Iam very bad at puzzels

9.55smileygreat puzzleyes

It was fun and I got it done in 10 minutes