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Day 3: Merry Christmas from Code Club


CH1 - List the Christmasy objects that Code Club members have created in Minecraft.

CH2 - How many Christmas lights are on the Scratch Christmas tree?

CH3 - If you have Minecraft or Lego at home, can you build something with a Christmas theme. Take a picture and upload it to the comments page here:

Add your answers or post a photograph here...





11 yellow

10 red

10 blue

I would answer challenge 2 but I have the advantagesmiley

P.S  I created it.


Ch1. 6 Christmas objects

Ch2. 31 lights

Is CH2 really that easn?frown

3 christmastrees,2 presents,2 houses and a raindeer 





there were 32 lights on the scratch made awesome creations!smiley

I found 31 lightssmiley

Christmas tree,beds,giant present,bedroom,merry christmas sign,house,riendeer, santas sleigh,house with a santas hat on it, inside the house