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Day 7: An Icy Wind Blew Into Hornbeam Class


How close were you watching?

CH1 How many children were wearing Santa hats?

CH2 What pictures were the children colouring in?

CH3 How many children featured in the Mannequin Challenge?

Post your answers here!


ch1 4

Well Done for keeping still Hornbeam!

ch3 29

There were upwards of twenty thousand children wearing Santa hats, the children were colouring in each other's faces and none of the children took part in the Mannequin Challenge, they were all frozen..... 'Let it go, let it gooooo.....'

Well done to all in Hornbeam, an awesome calendar entry.

Well done Hornbeam- how did you keep so still??

Ch1- 4

Ch2- snowman, 1 tree, 1 pattern and a wreath.

Ch3- 29 children

Happy Christmas!!



Ch 1: 7

Ch 2: Christmas tree

Ch 3: 30

Well done Hornbeam Class!


Ch1:  6 Santa hats, 

Ch2: snowmen and trees

Ch3: 28



ch1 4 santa hats

ch2 snowman and trees

ch3 29 people fetured in the mannequin challenge



ch2=tree,mandala,wooly hat,snowmen,snowflake


Nice Mannequin challenge 

Cool maniqun challenge especially James 

well done


Well done for keeping still Hornbeam class