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Day 2: A Festive Jigsaw Puzzle

Can you solve this jigsaw puzzle? Which class is photographed?


Challenge 1 - How many jigsaw pieces are needed to complete this puzzle?

Challenge 2 - How long did it take you to complete the puzzle?

Post your answers here....


Walnut Class
36 pieces

well done walnutyes

I found 36 peaces

Walnut Class. I think it is 36 but didn’t count before the picture became whole! Took me 12 minutes.








There are 36 pieces. It took 11mins.

Well Done Walnut Class! 36 pieces and 2:34!cheeky

4 minutes and 2 seconds, 36 pieces, but we did have a little bit of help from Miss Laing!

Ch 2 it took me 8 minutes and 15 seconds

Good picture!cheeky