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Day 6: Spot the Difference in Beech Class


How many differences can you find between the two photographs below?



How many differences can you find?

Challenge 1: List at least 10 differences.

Challenge 2: Can you find all of the differences?

Post your answers here....


Well Done Beech Class! Daisy had her hair down then up, Laurie took his jumper off, Lidia switched her watch onto the other wrist, Charile took his sling off, Scott put his arms out, Jasmine and Charile put tinsel on, Josh turned around, Amelia took her carigan off, Geogre put his thumbs up then down, Blake and Carter switched, Freya switched which side her hair was on, Javi had his top button done up then didn't, Vicky had her bow then didn't, Eddie and Hayden was looking in different directions, Flo put a white board in front of her face, Aireon put a santa hat on, Devon put her buttons up on her carigen, Zac put a book on his head, Amelia and roxy put masks on, Alfie rolled his sleeves up and Isadora put a hairband on. Thats all of them I hope.

We have spotted 12 differences.We had lots of fun finding them. 

I have spotted twelve differences between the two pictures 

Well done  Beech class       

I found 14 differences!

Well done Beech Class!  Daisy has her hair down them up, Laurie has his jumper on then off, Lucy has a straight face then a smile on her face, Scott has tinsel, Joshua is facing backwards, Goerge has his thumbs down, Carter swaps spaces with Blake, Freye changes the side of which he hair is on, Eddie looks the opposite way, Florence holds a whiteboard up to her face, Aaron has a hat on, Charlie has a dummy and  tinsel, Devon has her cardigan done up, Zack has a book balanced on his head, Amelia has christmas glasses on, Roxy has a white mask on and Alfie has his sleeves rolled up.

I spotted 20 Mr Jones! 

I've spotted 18. When do we get to find out the answer?