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Day 9: 'Twas The Night Before Christmas


Challenge 1: Who wrote this poem?

Challenge 2: 'Twas is short for?

Challenge 3: When two words are shortened by an apostrophe, i.e can not --> can't, what grammatical term is used to describe this?


Post your answers here!


Well Done Reading Gladiators! I'm in the Yr6 Reading Gladiators so I should know all the answers.

They're Clement Clarke Moore, it was and contractions. cheeky

the grammatical term is contractions and well done reading gladiators that poem was very long and you remembered all of itlaugh

'Twas  is  short for it was.

 The poem is by clement Clarke Moore.

'Twas is short for it was the poem was by clemen Clark mor


Well done Reading Gladiators, that wasread really well, some great expression and wonderful actions.

''Twas is short for it was 

Clement Clark Moore