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Day 13: Merry Christmas from Chestnut Class


Using the word 'Christmas', how many words can you make using the letters only once? Include a few here.

Challenge 1: Write five words that you have made from the word 'Christmas'

Challenge 2: What's the longest word you have made?

Challenge 3: What's the shortest word you have made?


Post your answers here!



ch1- christ, mist, sit, mass, mast and one extra! Miss

ch2- christ

ch3- sit

My sister is this video!

Challenge 1: Mass, mat, is, sit, chair

Challenge 2: Chair

Challenge 3: Is

1) his,is,it,Sam,Chris 

2) chris  3) is and it 



Q1 is  christ, mass, shirts, masts, trims, is

Qs is shirts

Q3  is21

Ch1- Christ, mist, mast, chart, sit

 Ch2- Christ

Ch3- sit

1. Christ; mass; charms; ram; shirts

2. Christ

3. ram