Day 14: Hornbeam does Elton


CH1 In which TV Christmas advert did Elton John feature this year?

CH2 What is the title of this Elton John song?

CH3 What other song was included in this video?

Post your answers here!


1. Your Song

2. John Lewis advert 

3. Stevie Wonder  " what christmas means to me"

1.john Lewis 

2.your song

3. Stevie wonder what Christmas means to me


ch1- john lewis advert

ch2- your song

ch3- what christmas means to me

The other song was called WHAT CHRISTMAS MEANS TO ME MY LOVE

Ch 1- John Lewis

Ch 2- Your song

Ch 3-  stevie wonder- what christmas means to me my love 

1. John Lewis

2. Your Song

3. What Christmas means to me by Lionel Richie

1) John Lewis 

2) your song 

3) that’s what Christmas means to me my love