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Day 16: Plane Class' Nativity


CH1 Why was the Innkeeper getting cross and angry?

CH2 Where was Jesus born?

CH3 What caused the Innkeeper's anger to go away?


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CH1  people kept coming to his door to see the baby Jesus

CH2 in a stable

CH3  the baby Jesus

Ch1- People kept knocking on his door and wouldnt leave him alone

Ch2- In a stable

Ch3- The baby being born in his stable?

1. Because people kept knocking on the door and waking him up

2. in the sable (around the back!)

3. he saw baby jesus

baby jesus was born in a stable

ch1- because everyone kept waking him up because they were knocking on the door

ch2- Bethlehem

ch3- because he saw the baby Jesus

Because there was so many knocks at the door

In the stable 

Baby Jesus