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Day 4: Who is Frosty the Snowman?


CH1 - Which colour snowman is your favourite?

CH2 - How many different snowmen are featured in this video? Count carefully!

Post your answers here....


ch1- the pink one

ch2- there was 5



ch1- my favourite one is the blue snowman

ch2- there was 5 snowmencheeky

Q1: white

Q2: 29


1. Yellow

2. There are 29

My favourite colour is White There is 29 snowmen

There are 30 snowmen. My favourite colour is red!

We liked green the best and there were 5 snowmans .

Ch1: the yellow one 

Ch2: four different coloured snowmen

Well done elm class your video was amazing!



Ch1- White

Ch2- 29

CH1 white

CH2 29


29 and my favourite is the green one

Ch 1: the pink one

Ch 2: 29 snowmen

Q1. The red one   Q2. 29



  1. Ch 1:The white one

Ch 2:5

5, red

Pink one

There are 5 snowmen

Q1.My favourite is the pink one.

pink and five



ch1: the yellow onecheeky

ch2: five snowmen are needed cool

Well done elm class yours was amazing laugh 


ch1: white

ch2: 29


CH 1: All the colours are my favourite

CH2: 29


Ch1=red and yellow


CH1 red

CH1 24

CH1 red

CH1 24

sorry 29 snowmen 

sorry 29 snowmen 


there were 5


Favourite colour - green. There are 29 different snowmen.


28 snowmen 



My favourite is red, there were 29 snowmen


2. 29

Q1 yellow

Q2 29