Day 5: A Muddy Monday Christmas



Challenge 1 - Which class is singing in the forest?

Challenge 2 - How many times was the word 'Christmas' sung?

Post your answers here....


C1 Larch Class

C2 3

C1 Larch Class

C2 3 times

ch1- it was Larch class

ch2- it was sang 3 times


3 times

ch1-  Larch class

ch2- 3 times

Christmas was mentioned 4 times smiley


1) Ash  class

2) 3 times


Ch1.Larch class is singing.


Larch class is singing in the forest

The word Christmas is said 3 times

Q1: larch class 

Q2: 3 times


2- 3 times

Larch class

3 times

This is Larch Class

They sing Christmas three times

Ch 1 - Larch Class

Ch 2 - 3

ch1 larch class

ch2 3 times


ch-1 LARCH

ch-2 3

C1: Larch

C2: 3


CH2-3 Times



CH1 Larch Class

CH2 3

Q1  it is Larch Class singing

Q2 The word Christmas is said three times

1- Larch

They sang it 3 times 

Larch class 3 times


Larch class. Christmas - 3 times.

3 times larch class


3 times larch class


Larch class, 3 times

larch class and 3 times