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Day 6: Woolcraft Club present The Grinch




CH1: How would you describe Mr Grinch?

CH2: What was Mr Ginch' charm compared to?

CH3: Your final challenge is to visit the Christmas Tree Festival at St John's Church in Epping High Street. Have a good look at all the decorated trees and vote for your favourite. Look out for Tree 55! Will you be visiting our Tree?



Post your answers here....


ch1- he is mean but is kind at heart

ch2- an eel

ch3- i am going to look at number 55 christmas tree at st johns church










  Q1:green mean Q2:he is rounding Christmas.

Well done wool craft!

I would describe Mr Grinch as a meanie Mr grinches charm is compared to an eel I will be visiting and will be voting

The Grinch was described as being slimey as an eel.  But I think he was lonesome and needed friends.  I would have liked to friend him and wish him a Merry Christmas.

I can't visit and look at your tree this year as I recently departed London and returned to my home in Novi, Michigan, USA.  Sorry

ch1- mean and nasty

ch3- sadly, no crying

Q1  The grinch is fat and mean 

Q2  grinch was compare to an eel 

well done woolcraft club


ch1- he is mean and selfish

ch2- an eel

ch3-  yes I have and I voted for number 55smiley

The Grinch was horrible and miserable, then he became happy and loving. He was compared to an eel


Mean and spiteful and his charm was compared to an eel.