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Day 7: Wriggly Nativity - a wonderful EYFS Christmas Production


CH1 Name five characters in the Wriggly Nativity play?

CH2 How many angels are in the Wriggle Nativity play?

CH3 What was your favourite bit in the play?

Post your answers here!


ch1: Narators, Stars, Angels, Mary, Camels.

ch2: Four

Ch3: The party canons


ch1- Mary, Joseph, stars, angels, donkeys

ch2- there was 4

ch3- all of it

Challenge 2 : four angels 

Challenge 3 :  all of it !

Well done EYFS your play was amazing 

Challenge one : star , narrator,Mary ,innkeeper,donkey 


Mary,Joseph,angles,camels and the three kings

5 angles the songs

Ch1: Mary,Joseph,Chicken,3 Kings and sheperds

Ch2: 4

Ch3: when the angels came on

Ch1. Mary ,Joseph,Kings,stars,donkey.
Ch2. 4 angels
Ch3. (Makayla's best part)kings giving presents
(Sofia's best part) The song We're having a party.

marry                      donkey           sheep

inn ceeper                josif

Q1- Mary and Joseph, kings, stars, angels

Q2- 4

Q3-  Mary singing the lullaby 

mary,cows,donkeys,angel,inn keeper

4 angels  when they repete


1- angels, sheep, donkeys, Mary, Joseph. 

2- 4.    

3- The angels. 


The twinkly stars song was so amazing!


1. Narrator,donkey,sheep,angel,camel


3.The we are having a party song

Q1 willow[chicken] dolly[parrot] maisy [mary] nicole[angel] sophia [star]

Q2  4

Q3 when maisy sung the lullybuy

Q1 willow[chicken]   dolly[parrot]  maisy[mary]   nicole[angel]   mia[star]

Q2    4

Q3 maisy sung lyby


ch1- Mary, Joseph, Stars, Angels

ch2- 4 angels

ch3- the part cannons 


Mary, Joseph, Angels, Shepherds, Inn Keeper. There were 4 angels. My favourite part was when they sang wriggly nativity!



CH1 Mary,Joseph,Kings,donkeys and stars.CH2 4 angels.CH3 the songs.                                                                                                                                            

 BEST PERFORMANCE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Mary, Joseph, kings, camels and stars. There are 4 angels.  My favourite part was  when they arrived at the last inn and had to sleep in a stable.


Q1  Mary, Kings, camels, inkeeper, animals

Q2 4 angels

Q3 wriggle nativity song