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Day 8: Merry Christmas from Musical Theatre club


CH1 How many children are wearing Santa hats?

CH2 What would you like for Christmas?

CH3 Is Christmas just about giving presents? What do you think is the true meaning behind Christmas?

Post your answers here!


ch1- 5 children

ch2- lots of things

ch3- it is for celebrating and for giving

Q1: 5 Santa hats Q2:bubblegum Q3:Christmas is all about your friends and family’s.

Q1:5 santer hats


Well done Musical Theatre Club! You were all amazing!

Ch1. 3 people were wearing Santa hats.



7 hats -I love spending time with all my family at Christmas

I would like an lol under wrap.



1) 5    2)home recording studio 3) no it’s about giving back and birth of Jesus Christ 




5, a new piar of runing shoes , geting toghether with family

5 santa hats 

Lego Dimensions

It's all about caring



5 were wearing Santa  hats.I would really like peace on earth for everyone.  For me it is about the birth of Jesus and a real gift would be for all people to care and share with each other.






ch1-  5 santa hats

ch2- I don't mind

ch3- i think the true meaning is: getting together as a family and spending some quality time together.

5 children, I would like everyone to be happy for Christmas, Christmas is about sharing and caring, remebering to be kind to your friends and family and neighbours

CH1 5 children  CH2 I would dress up as Santa CH3 No it is about celebrating Jesus



1.  5 people were wearing Santa hats  2.  I would like peace on earth for all.  3.  Christmas is really about the birth of Jesus and I think peace and joy to the world would be the present


There are 5 children wearing Santa hats

For Christmas I would like Star Wars battlefront 2

Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Christ and the gifts are because the people from nativity gave gifts to Christ 

 Question one 5  Santa hats 

Q2  The phone 

Q3  it’s about Jesus being born 


Q1 There were five Santa hat

 Q2   a new phone 

Q3  it’s about Jesus being born 


Hi  5 hats/ Any kind of "Girl" lego set and christmas is for giving and sharing the christmas spirit wit love cheeky


5 Santa hats.  Some lego please santa!  The true meaning of Christmas is about the birth of baby Jesus and what he gave us.

5 Santa hats,and for Christmas I want a bmx