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Day 9: Carol Singing at the Epping Town Christmas Market


Challenge 1: How many songs did the children sing?

Challenge 2: Which song is your favourite?

Challenge 3: Ivy Chimneys had something else happening in the High Street as well as children singing. What else could you go and see?


Post your answers here!


Q1: 6 songs.

Q2: Stary night

Q3: Christmas tree festival at the church






Ch2-sparkle and shine

Ch3- you could go and see our Christmas tree at St. John's church. It was number 55 and it was grinch themed.

ch1-they sang  5 songs.                                                                                                                                                                                           



5 songs 

We t hee kings is my favourite 

Ivys tree in Epping church 

1- 5

2- Santa Claus is coming to town

3- Christmas tree fair, tree 55!


ch1- 4 songs

ch2- sparkle and shine

ch3- the christmas market

5 songs   spaekel and shine  lol this was so good 

5 songs, my favourite was Spakle and Shine, we voted for tree 55 in St Johns Church, our Grinch tree was the best!


1) 6 songs 2) sparkle and shine 3) Christmas tree festival (wool craft)





1) 6 songs 2) sparkle and shine 3) Christmas tree festival (wool craft)




Hi smiley     1. 5 songs    2.Sparkle and shine! tree vestival at church

P.S I came right after they finished sad

'Starry Night' has always been my favourite, closely followed by 'Sparkle and Shine'! Merry Christmas Ivy! I'm enjoying opening the advent calendar this year to see what everyone is up to :) 

They sang 6 songs 

My favourite song is ‘We Three Kings’

You could go to our grinch themed Christmas tree in S.Johns church it’s number 55


Q1: They sang 6 songs

Q2: Away in a Manager

Q3: The Grinch Christmas Tree in church

5 songs, first song is my favourite and you can also visit the Christmas trees in the church