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Day 10: Game, Set, Santa


Challenge 1: How many balls did Santa hand out?

Challenge 2: Apart from Santa, what else had the children done in their Merry Christmas video? 

Challenge 3: At the end of a tennis match, the umpire says, Game, Set, ???  Which word is missing?


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ch1- 13

ch2- they said merry christmas from the tennis club

ch3- they would say who wins

1 elf, 1 snowman, 1 reindeer


 13 balls

Ch1. Santa handed out 12 balls.

1. 13.

2. Decorated racquets

3. Game, set, match 


1)13 balls 2) cut out snowflakes and stuck them on their tennis racket 3) Santa 

12 balls    they put there rackets up with a note    match

Ch1. Santa handed out 13 balls.

Santa handed out 12 balls

13 balls. They said merry Christmas. The umpire said game set match.

Santa handed out 13 balls

The Children had stuck Merry Christmas on there rackets 

The missing word is ‘match’


ch1- 13 balls

ch2- decorated their rackets

ch3- games, set, match

Ch1: 13
Ch2: they put tinsil on there rackets
Ch2:game ,set,santa

Q1. 13 balls were given out

Q2. Said Merry Christmas

Q3. The missing word is 'Match'

ch1 santa handed out 13 balls.