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Day 1: A Christmas Poem

Evie has used Word to produce a Christmas Poem in Hornbeam whilst using metaphors, similes and alliteration.



Can you find metaphors, similes or alliterative phrases in this poem? Can you think of some of your own? Perhaps you might like to write your own Christmas poem? Post your ideas here


Great Poem Evie, enjoyed very much. 

Great poem, Evie! Best wishes to you and all in Hornbeam!

What a lovely poem by Evie on the first day of the Advent Calendar! Look forward to seeing more work from Ivy Chimneys throughout the month!

Such a fantastic poem, we are so proud of you. Keep up the good work! Love Mummy and Daddy x

Thanks  Evie, lovely. Here is my poem for Advent Sunday..



Advent is here

A time for watching, wondering, waiting, wishing

December's dark cloak  falls over the land

Christmas light a mere single star in the inky night.

I enjoyed the poem. Good work Evie.




A great poem to kick-start us into the festive season..............

Brilliant Evie. Very well written.

Well done Evie! What a fantastic poem! You should be very proud xx

We have a relative with us from Melbourne and she knows the school you are doing the advent calendar with small world

A fantastic poem

Well done Evie-reading this from New Zealand and very impressed with the calendar. It is already the 2nd December here but not in the UK so I cannot open that one yet!

We'll done Evie. What a great poem.

Well done Evie. What a wonderful poem

well done Evie from TOMMY AND RYE

well done Evie from TOMMY AND RYE

What a lovely poem. Great work Evie! Xxx

A great poem Evie!  Well done!

Wow Evie, what a fantastic poem. Well done. :-)

Evie, a very impressive piece of work, well done.

Great poem Evie loved it!

What a lovely poem Evie. Well done! Xx

Hi, Evie i love your poem it's great

We are so proud of you Evie - Well done

I like your calendar. and  i    like    to      be    a        teacher     like      your        teacher       and       my      teacher     is Ms Leahy.  


Evie your amazing poem was just for ...CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

olivia x

P.S I'm from Plane Class!!!!!!!!!!|

Great poem Evie i'm speechless!

Well Done Evie very good peom  just  to say losts of chistmas words and very good ryming words .

Really really great. Good alliteration,I can't belive you did that.Brilliant!!

Well done! I really enjoyed  your  fantastic  poem! You  added some great  metaphors and similes!

From  Elia

well done Evie you used a lot of adjectives!

Wonderful poem Evie. We have printed it and laminated it. It is on show with our Christmas cards and has had many good comments from our friends. Well done.

Urrrr heh good poem!!